Is Your Home Being Damaged by Termites?

Is Your Home Being Damaged by Termites?

Many homeowners are shocked when they discover their home has been severely damaged by termites. Unfortunately, these pests like to hide behind walls and underneath flooring, and they consume wood without the homeowner even being aware of their presence. It is essential homeowners seek yearly termite inspections to be sure their home is not being damaged. When termites are discovered, prompt intervention from a termite control specialist will allow a homeowner to rest assured their home is safe.


What Happens During a Termite Inspection?


During a termite inspection, the pest control specialist will come out and survey all of the visible areas of the home for signs of destruction caused by termites. mice control will look at the crawlspace, basement, interior, and exterior of the home to determine if any signs are present that should alert the homeowner there are termite problems.


The average termite inspection is going to take around thirty to forty-five minutes, depending on the size of the home being inspected. While a termite inspection can reveal termites, it is not a fool-proof method, because the inspector has no way to see within the walls or flooring where termites often create their nests and hide.


How Are Termites Treated?


If an inspection shows there is a termite problem, prompt intervention by the Pest Control company is a must. The sooner intervention is sought, the sooner these pests can be removed from the home, and any damage will be minimized.


There are ant removal of treating for termites, depending on the type and the size of the home. The traditional way of getting rid of these insect pests is through tenting. Tenting is simply a large tarp that completely enshrouds the home.


Once the home is carefully sealed and all of the occupants are removed, including pets, the pesticides will be pumped inside the home. The gases have the ability to penetrate the walls through nooks and crannies so the termites are destroyed, including the larvae and eggs.


In addition to termite removal, many homeowners also end up needing fungus treatments, especially if they have a moisture problem in their home. With bug exterminator , homeowners can be sure the threat is removed so they will not have to deal with the further destruction of their home.


If you are dealing with termites and would like professional help, call today so your home can be inspected. With the right treatment, you can say goodbye to termites.
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