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I'd gotten my first cold sore in 2004 & my lip had gotten really huge. I would get maybe one cold sore each year after that and then at least 3 a year for the last 3 years. Between the months of May 2011 to Jan 2012 I gotten about 5-6 cold sores total and I'd noticed that they were all due to an onset of stress. I spoke with my doctor in Feb 2012 & she prescribed Valtrex 500mg to be taken once a day, daily but I gotten the generic Valacyclovir for insurance purposes. I don't take it daily for suppression as prescribed but I do take it immediately when my lip feels tingly and again the following day and I won't get any sore(s). I've had a few stressful situations since getting the prescription but no outbreaks. So far, so good!
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