School Supply Shopping Tips

School Supply Shopping Tips

You may be thinking to yourself "whats so hard about buying containers, let me buy them already". That's what most people think but they couldn't be any more wrong. Buying any type of container requires a little bit of pre thought so you buy the exact type for your needs as well as saving your money. I'm sure you don't want to get ripped off spending more than you need to, or accidentally purchasing the wrong type of container or the incorrect size.


Buy in Bulk: Many items you will need for your wedding, such as reception decorations, candles, wedding favors, etc., will be required in quantity. There is no need to pay retail prices on these things if you know where to look. Many places offer wholesale to the public, or t-shirt ideal for amounts over a certain minimum. A little legwork in this case will save you a lot of money. Try online research, local classifieds and yellow pages. Also, ASK. Your friends and connections may very well know a supplier that will be willing to help you out.



The covers for such chairs come in a wide variety of colours and materials. Here are some of the popular heavy-duty fabrics used for them: durable cotton duck, poly cotton blend, polyester, and mesh (will let air circulate). The colours include solids (pink, purple, royal blue, hunter green, red, black, natural, burgundy, gold), striped designs (any colours with any colour stripes), and animal prints (these typically use faux fur material).


Specialties - You may have a hard time looking for some special items and do not know what site offers that kind of item. What you can do is search first for the sites that specialize in selling that kind of product and you will find a very wide array of choices. Shops selling specialty items may be more expensive than others but they are usually of good quality.


Logo overruns for sure will get you better discounts as corporates get high end balls like Titleist ProV1 and then you can have these at discounts unheard of. There are several companies that specialize in this niche and have been known to procure logo overruns at great prices.


Get the facts are almost always quantity related and if somebody is offering you 70% off on Nike shoes, what you are buying is not the genuine article. If you are buying surplus or damaged stock there is of course no limit to the kind of discount that you can expect to get. It may however be advisable to inspect the pallet to understand the level of damage and the sale value of the products before agreeing on a price.


Once you've established the purpose of your event, many of the decisions will be made for you. If you haven't taken on a large gathering before, it's probably a good idea to get advice from a professional event planner. You can hire them as a simple consultant to save money, or let them handle everything to save stress. Though your expenses will be substantial for any large event, your energy level and the willingness of friends and loved ones to help can save you a bundle.


Your former classmates may have to travel quite a distance to attend so you want a place that's close to hotel accommodations for your long-distance buddies.
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